Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Beagle, the Yorkie, and 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Riley the Beagle and Tommy the Yorkie came to visit this afternoon.
They are my daughter's and son-in-law's dogs.

My daughter and SIL are having an appraisal done on their house this afternoon.  
They recently went under contract to sell their house so they have to endure appraisals, home inspections and radon testing, etc.  
Lucky for all of them, I can open my Doggie Day Care door.  
Riley lived with us for about 3 years with my daughter and just recently moved out when my daughter got married at the end of May.

I think we have "Riley-ized" the house adequately by moving all the trash cans out of reach 

and closing all the doors and blocking off the living room 
so she won't make herself at home on the sofa.

I've removed the TP from the holder in the half bath so she can't reach it and eat it.

I also made sure the pantry door was shut and the closet where the dog food is stored is closed, and there is no food near the edge of the counter.  

She'll probably roam around looking for some trouble to get in to.  Grrrr. Riley!

Within minutes of arriving, she found a bone that my dogs had rejected, so she was happily occupied for a while. 

Tommy was here at Christmastime, and lifted his leg to mark his territory several times.

The plan today is to corral him in the laundry room with his pee pads.

He's just a little bit of a dog.  So cute.  And he's a senior citizen. 

Everyone got along along well as long as they were all sleeping!  ; )

And we get to do it all again Thursday!  Good dogs! : ) 


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