Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I have started walking again with my dogs, Cooper and Tucker. 

I've had a knee problem, then it got soooooo hot, then the dogs were way beyond needing to get their nails cut, you get the idea. 
So, we are back at it, starting slowly.

I use one leash with a piece that connects the two dogs' collars.  
This is my daughter's brilliant find and it really does help control them 
because they kind of control each other.  
They can't wander too far under my feet or around my legs.

Here we are back from the walk.  
Cooper and Tucker are still attached to the connector leash and their leash.  
Tucker has taken control of the connector leash.  
Notice the taught pressure.  
He is trying to pull Cooper somewhere Cooper does not want to go.  
Basically that would be anywhere.
Notice the look on Cooper's face.  
"Help me!"
He's such a patient big brother.

It was hot and humid that morning and after I rescued Cooper, here is the first thing I wanted.

A nice glass of ice water.  Refreshing!

Here is what Tucker was focused on - the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. 
You can just barely see the object of his obsession.  
See the carrots?  
He's focused like a laser beam on the carrots, his favorite thing in the whole world.

Look at that face!  
He'd jump into the crisper drawer if I'd let him.
He's wondering what's taking me so long.

After selecting the carrot, I take it to the sink and cut 2 pieces, one for each.  
Guess who gets the bigger piece.

I make Tucker sit because he'd jump up on the counter to get his carrot, if he could.

Cooper is much of a gentleman and more willing to wait calmly for his treat.

Cooper plops right down in place to eat his carrot.

Tucker takes his beloved carrot waaaayyyy far away into the family room.  
I think this started when my daughter and her two dogs were living with us and Tucker was the littlest of the bunch. 
If he didn't get the heck out of the way, he would get run over and there would be no treat left!

Mmmmm! Carrots!
Don't worry, he got that little piece to his right.

So, lessons I learned from this excursion today:

Having gentlemanly manners makes life more peaceful.

Walking with your family is fun.

Vegetables are the best!


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